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  • Siberia’s heatwave reflects temperature changes that weren’t generally forecast to occur until the end of the century. That’s bad news for everyone.

  • Under the United States-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992, the U.S. treats Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous part of China with its own legal and economic system, differently than the Chinese mainland in trade, commerce and other areas. President Donald Trump has begun stripping away that “special status” to punish China for moves to tighten its grip on the city after a year of pro-democracy street protests. At its most extreme, that could mean the global financial hub being treated the same as any other

  • The most prevalent strain of influenza spreading among pigs in China has sparked concern among scientists, who say it has certain properties that give it pandemic potential. Chief among them: The virus has infected humans. So far it isn’t known to spread from person to person, but the worry is that with further mutations, it could start to do so. Populations still battling the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which also emerged in China and is believed to have originated in animals, could be vulnerable a

  • In time-honored French tradition, the president is replacing his No. 2 after a series of crises. But this can come with its pitfalls.

  • Two new studies find that people exposed to pandemics in their formative years carry psychological scars for the rest of their lives.

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