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Falls Church police run sting on Vietnamese spa owner just before her trial on license violations

A Vietnamese woman who says she was violently sexually assaulted in her downtown Falls Church day spa in January continues to be intensely investigated by Falls Church police for allegedly running an unlicensed massage parlor, an accusation she furiously denies. Read more...

2012 KAVA (Asian) Job Fair (9th)

2012 KAVA (Asian) Job Fair (9th)

NOVA Annandale Campus Cultural Center

June 9, 2012,   Saturday

Free Admission: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Washington Post: Eden Center raid still looms large in Falls Church

The town hall meeting was very well organized by the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Washington, which itself only formed earlier this year. Chamber president Binh Nguyen, owner of Present restaurant on Route 50, and lawyer Due Tran, who has been defending individuals arrested in the raids, served as bilingual MCs and kept things moving even as some citizens made pointed comments about the city or the police. (There were also live musical interludes featuring a very talented singer, which you don’t get very often at town hall meetings. I endorse this wholeheartedly.) Read more...

Falls Church Vietnamese community protests handling of sexual assault report

Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce leaders Due Tran and Binh Nguyen, shown here at a town hall meeting in December, are stunned by the Falls Church police handling of a sexual assault report (Tom Jackman - The Washington Post)


The Vietnamese Population in the United States 2010 - 2011: 1,548,449

This report provides a portrait of Vietnamese American population in the United States, including the 50 states and the District of Columbia, and discusses its distribution and some selected social and economic characteristics at the national level, including some selected Asian groups.

The 2010 Census showed that the United States population was 308,745,538 on April 1, 2010. Of the total, 14,674,252, or 4.8 percent, reported Asian, and 1,548,449, or 0.5 percent, reported Vietnamese alone. Read more...

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